woensdag 29 januari 2014


Because the winter has just begun here in Holland, I decided to do a post about my favorite items this winter. These favorite items are my key items in my wardrobe for so long the winter is here.

1. My spiky necklace / Primark 
I love the grunge look and this necklace is a perfect finishing touch to make my outfit just a little more edgy and rockish. The winter fashion are mostly dark colors so this goes just with everything and can give the cutest dress just a bit more edge. 

2. Double Cross Ring & Dark stone Ring / Ebay & H&M
These two rings are my absolute favorite rings and I wear them all year long, so as a winter essential it may not be missing on my hands!

3. Flap Hat / H&M
Hats are timeless but this winter a real essential because it at one hand it keeps your ears warm for the freezing cold and at the other hand it makes you look really classy. 

4. Beanie / Primark 
Also this one helps your ears from freezing! I love this one because it has just the perfect color to wear this season, it goes with everything! 

5. Kneesocks / Action
I am a little bit addicted to kneesocks, cause I can wear them with panties and that is so much better than those really thick stockings... 

6. Noa Cacharel / Gift
In the winter I prefer to wear this fragrance above my sweet fragrances because the sweet are for the summer. This one is warm, sexy and sensual, all you need!

7. How I matt your mother / Catrice
To finish my outfits I wear this winter dark colors and I am really in love with this nail polish because it has a brushed metal effect. It gives just a little more specialty to your nails. 

8. Nude lipstick / Catrice
Make up in the winter period should not be to outstanding but just neutral and nude. So this lipstick goes perfectly with my black lined eyes. 

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