woensdag 29 januari 2014


Because the winter has just begun here in Holland, I decided to do a post about my favorite items this winter. These favorite items are my key items in my wardrobe for so long the winter is here.

1. My spiky necklace / Primark 
I love the grunge look and this necklace is a perfect finishing touch to make my outfit just a little more edgy and rockish. The winter fashion are mostly dark colors so this goes just with everything and can give the cutest dress just a bit more edge. 

2. Double Cross Ring & Dark stone Ring / Ebay & H&M
These two rings are my absolute favorite rings and I wear them all year long, so as a winter essential it may not be missing on my hands!

3. Flap Hat / H&M
Hats are timeless but this winter a real essential because it at one hand it keeps your ears warm for the freezing cold and at the other hand it makes you look really classy. 

4. Beanie / Primark 
Also this one helps your ears from freezing! I love this one because it has just the perfect color to wear this season, it goes with everything! 

5. Kneesocks / Action
I am a little bit addicted to kneesocks, cause I can wear them with panties and that is so much better than those really thick stockings... 

6. Noa Cacharel / Gift
In the winter I prefer to wear this fragrance above my sweet fragrances because the sweet are for the summer. This one is warm, sexy and sensual, all you need!

7. How I matt your mother / Catrice
To finish my outfits I wear this winter dark colors and I am really in love with this nail polish because it has a brushed metal effect. It gives just a little more specialty to your nails. 

8. Nude lipstick / Catrice
Make up in the winter period should not be to outstanding but just neutral and nude. So this lipstick goes perfectly with my black lined eyes. 

zondag 26 januari 2014

FASHION: geometric

Dress / H&M, Jacket / DIY, Earring / H&M

Another favorite item of mine is my geometric dress of H&M. I just love the shape of it and the sexy detail on the back of the dress. Also you see how my hair is now, I shaved a tiny piece of one side of my head short. I was not very excited about how it worked out, but for now I can accept it. - I just hope it grows fast! ;-) 

dinsdag 21 januari 2014

FASHION: Batwoman

An outfit from a while ago. I just can't get enough with my dotted tights :')

donderdag 16 januari 2014


Winter hasn't even begun here in Holland but I am already desperate for the Spring/Summer! I am longing for the hot temperatures and already sick of the thick lazy jumpers and not-really-fashionable-looking winter chlothes. So I couldn't help it to stop staring at the o so pretty New Look Collection of this spring/summer. I love the combination with the flowers and etnic prints. <3

dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Tomorrow I will finally get my hair cut again! That's like a decade ago... So I got some inspiration, but I cannot really decide if it will be long or short... What do you think?

#FAVORITES: striped pants.

From now one I am launching a new item on my blog called #FAVORITES. I will post one of my favorite items of my wardrobe every week and the first is my new striped pants of H&M. I love how it gives more edgyness to your outfit!

zondag 5 januari 2014

FASHION: Red stripes

PHOTODIARY: Christmas Holidays

Leer, Germany / Weihnachten in Leer / Christmas decorations / Our Christmas Tree / Chicken for Christmas Dinner / Winter Wonderland in Maastricht / The beautifull city by night